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Feed Your Community

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. - Mother Teresa

The livelihood of many people has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lock down imposed therefore, has burdened a number of households due to difficulties in purchasing essential goods. It has been tough to travel around, even to the grocery market due to the lack of public transport.

To help with this adversity, AGADA partnered with Surya Food Grains to deliver groceries to remote villages in the Nilgiris. Surya Food Grains, being a private company, has been serving people more from a place of good will and hardly makes any profit from their services. AGADA joined hands with Mr. Prakash Raman of Godalatty in delivering essential goods to villages.

The supply of groceries started around the second week of July 2020 covering about 5 Badugar villages in the district. So far, Kambatty, Godalatty, Adhigaratty, Manjoor and Melkundah have benefited from the delivery service. The fresh produce and supplies were procured from wholesalers in various parts of the state and delivered to the villages thrice a week. More than 30 trips were made to these villages to make sure the essential goods were accessible to every household in the vicinity as of August. A total of 1500 households from the above five villages have benefited from this service.

The grocery supply consisted of items like Rice, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Spices, Cooking Oil and Eggs. A few enthusiastic villagers came forward as volunteers from each village to receive the goods and made arrangements in their community halls for distributing them. Every village has a community hall which usually serves as a shared space for hosting gatherings or any event that takes place in that village. Keeping social distancing norms in mind, the halls have been used to safely distribute the groceries.

The people of these villages share a strong sense of togetherness and stand hand in hand in times of difficulties and try to get through it as a brave community. With the pandemic affecting their subsistence, it has been hard on them every passing day, hoping tomorrow will bring about a positive change.

  • 5 Villages

  • More than 30 Trips

  • 30 tons of groceries delivered

  • 60 Volunteers

  • 1500 Households benefited

  • Rs. 1,000,000 (USD 13,650) worth of stock delivered

The Nilgiris District has about 400 villages with a population totaling up to 400,000. You too can be a part of our efforts to give to every community in need. Even a small contribution from your end can help us scale up our operations which embodies the power to touch lives. Contributions can be monetary, in the form of grocery supplies, delivery service or even volunteering.

You can reach us at for anything.

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