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Clothes Donated to 4 More Organizations

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

AGADA received about 60 boxes of quality clothes and shoes as a token of generosity from Chinmaya International Residential School. With over 79 bags of clothes and shoes, AGADA set out in the search of organizations that can benefit from the donated items. Finally, we were able to locate some organizations that could make good use of these clothes.

A total of 11 bags were donated to King's Kids Home in Ondipudur, Coimbatore. The donation pile consisted of shirts, t-shirts, skirts, shoes, and slippers for boys and girls in the orphanage.

King's Kids Home is an orphanage for children based in Ondipudur, Coimbatore. Established in the year 1993, they have been serving orphaned kids with love and compassion. Currently, there are 120 children in the home aged between two months and twenty-five years. They are given homely care and all their needs met till they get married.

27 bags containing shirts, pants, skirts, unisex t-shirts, and shoes were donated to the children in Families for Children located in Podanur, Coimbatore.

Families for Children (FFC) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that exists to fulfill the needs of children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. There are about 450 children residing here. By providing housing, education, special medical care, and vocational training, FFC helps these individuals to reach their full potential and live with dignity in a loving environment.

Another 7 bags of the items were donated to Nahomea Almshouse Charitable Trust Sevalayam in Coimbatore. The donation pile consisted of uniform pants and shirts, white t-shirts, shoes, and slippers/sandals.

Nahomea Almshouse Charitable Trust Sevalayam is a non-profit organization based out of Kalveerampalayam, Coimbatore. They provide children and individuals from low-income communities with high-quality education. They are involved in empowering women in rural and urban areas, run institutions for the aged, and help with disaster relief.

4 bags of clothes and 250 AGADA face masks were donated to Universal Peace Foundation based out of Karumathampatti, Coimbatore. The clothes pile consisted of pajama pants and tops for girls.

Universal Peace Foundation is a non-profit organization in Coimbatore. They are home to many underprivileged children, aged people, and the physically and mentally challenged. They are currently serving more than 600 people in the organization.

  • 49 bags

  • 1,655 clothes donated

  • 208 pairs of shoes/slippers

  • 250 masks

  • 1,270 benefited

The whole experience gave AGADA immense joy in coming together with organizations to give to our communities. If you'd like to help out or donate to a cause, reach us at

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