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Give your Clothes a Second Chance

People often say that 'Together Everyone Achieves More' meaning as a TEAM we can do so much more than what an individual can achieve alone. By coming together, we add to each other's strengths and bring out efficient and effective ways in reaching even the impossible.

AGADA is proud to have worked with Chinmaya International Residential School, who is our first major donor so far. We are especially grateful to Mr. Sugumaran and Ms. Shanthi Krishnamoorthy for their generosity.

Chinmaya International School kindly donated about 60 boxes of clothes and shoes. A total of 2,623 clothes and pairs of shoes combined was received from the school. It included good quality T-shirts, pants, skirts, pajamas and shoes. Our partners, Surya Fire Service and The Ooty Public School were kind enough to help in making this a seamless operation. Surya Fire Service offered their truck in collecting these boxes from the school and moved them to a sorting facility. The Ooty Public School offered their school premises as a sorting facility for the donated items.

Their support does not just end here. A group of teachers and students from The Ooty Public School came forward as volunteers in organizing the clothes by their type and size, preparing them for dispatch. They sorted the clothes and shoes into 79 bags. About 15 of them volunteered to sort the items into organized piles. It was indeed very heart-warming to see a network of schools coming forward to give for a noble cause.

Clothes being one of the basic necessities of any individual, donating them will help those who can't afford to buy proper clothing. Instead of just tossing your old clothes in the bin, donate them, which not only helps those in need but also saves our environment from excess land waste. There is always going to be someone who wishes to have the clothes that you don't need anymore. AGADA has been in contact with several other NGOs in finding places to donate these items. We're ecstatic to dispatch them as soon as possible.

  • 79 bags

  • 2592 clothes

  • 359 pairs of shoes/slippers

  • 15 Volunteers

Many of us have a pile of clothes or household items that we no longer need or use that is just laying around at home. Instead of letting it clutter in a corner, you can sort them into piles and donate it to those who would use them. It doesn't cost you anything and can put a smile on someone's face.

If you need help in finding places where you can donate your clothes or any item, reach us at

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