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Plant a Tree, Plant a Hope

Abishaikh Gender and Development Association (AGADA) organized an event to celebrate International Mountain Day at The Government Botanical Garden, Ooty. This is to raise environmental awareness by planting trees of native species in Nilgiris. The purpose of this occasion is to encourage people in celebrating the rich bio-diversity of the mountains and preserve them for generations to come. The district collector, Mrs. Innocent Divya, presided over to inaugurate the launch of this event.

Through this environmental promotion campaign, we have planned to plant up to 3000 trees of 21 different species in and around the villages of Nilgiris, in the forth-coming weeks. The species include 12 fruit-bearing trees such as guava, orange, loquat, passion fruit, pear, acid lime, pepino, white sapote, Syzygium arnottianum, Syzygium montanum, S.jambolanum, and Elaeocarpus oblongus. In addition, there are also 4 varieties of flower bearing plants such as Bottle brush, Australian chestnut, Magnolia champaca and Jacaranda and 5 species of shola trees namely Elaeocarpus munronii, Meliosma simplicifolia, Meliosma wightii, Neolitsea zeylanica and Symplocos cochinchinensis.

During this field visit, our team has also planned to reach out to the local communities to study the real-life challenges faced by them. We are eager to do our part in providing all the support that the community needs and most importantly, keeping it sustainable.

The collector also introduced AGADA's first food product, AGADA Health Mix, in a bid to empower women interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. The health mix contains 21 natural ingredients and has been approved by FSSAI both at the state and central level. The product is expected to be available on the e-commerce platforms from January 2021.

You can join us in our efforts to help communities by contributing monetarily or in the form of donating essentials, volunteer work, or delivery services. Visit us at to learn about everything we stand for. To become a part of our movement in making a difference, get in touch at or ring us at +91 88701 21494 (or) +91 99446 27772.

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